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On MTN as of 15/03/2015
and on Syriatel as of 31/03/2015
For more information please to contact your GSM providing ...


JOB vacancies service from


Job vacancies SMS service from, provided by SyriaJOB ltd. along with Syriatel & MTN, enables you stay in touch with the latest job opportunities in the Syrian market in all work domains of all specialties.

Wherever you are and whatever the work domain you are interested in,  informs you with the newest posted vacancies, directly on your mobile phone so that you can easily apply via internet


How can I subscriber at the service and what is the cost?

  • To subscribe and start receiving notification messages on your mobile phone all you have to do is to send
    • ACT to /1627/ from any Syriatel line.
    • ACT to /1637/ from any MTN line.
  • Service monthly fee: /50/ SP
  • To unsubscribe: simply send Deact to /1627/ Syriatel or /1637/ MTN


How can I get more information about the received job postings?

All details and information related to job vacancy postings can be learned about by referring to , and you can directly apply to employers by registering and creating your resume at the website (for free)


To register at the website, you can click here

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